Retirement Villages & Lifestyle Communities

The choice you make can impact your future lifestyle, happiness and overall experience. Image source: Supplied
Retirement villages are offering a much-needed solution for seniors grappling with financial strain. Source: Getty
My retirement village's motto is, "People at Our Heart" and as a community-based organisation not focused on profit, it practices what it preaches in everything it does. Source: Getty
Introducing the modern, vibrant, and socially engaging retirement villages designed for today’s active retirees. Village location: Oak Tree Coffs Harbour, NSW. Image source: Supplied
There are a lot of things to consider before moving into a retirement village and cost is one of the biggest factors. Source: Getty Images.
Have you been thinking about making the move to a retirement village, but not sure how to break the news to your family? Source: Getty
From choosing the right location to embracing a lower-maintenance lifestyle, several factors will shape your retirement experience. Source: Getty Images.
Retirement villages are a popular downsizing option for being a low-cost and community-centric way to live. Source: Getty
Renting in retirement can provide you with both lifestyle and financial advantages. Source: Getty Images.
Residents coming together for the annual art exhibition and presentation. Image source: Di East
At Lifestyle Ingenia Bethania, you can fill your day with new experiences, new friends, a worry-free life and more time spent doing the things you love. Image source: Supplied
Ingenia’s Latitude One in Port Stephens combines the best of a sea and tree change with luxury homes and gold class facilities. Image source: Supplied
There are so many ways retirement villages make it easier to improve your social life and find true, genuine connections. Image source: Getty
Even with no plans to retire, Susan is enjoying the advantages of retirement living. Image source: Supplied
Belonging to a vibrant, warm community may have a positive impact on your health, especially during challenging times. Image source: Supplied
Retirement village living provides benefits and amenities not found in general residential living. Image source: Getty
Staying close to the things they were familiar with was important to Carol and Keith Elphick when considering their move into retirement. Image source: Supplied
An afternoon packed full of ‘old fashioned fun’ at Oak Tree Toowoomba’s winter event. Image source: Oak Tree Group