There's a lot to unpack when it comes to downsizing to head into a retirement village. Source: Getty.
Unlocking cash after selling the family home could impact your pension depending on how you use it. Source: Getty.
Downsizing expert Rachel Lane says the two options are like apples and oranges. Source: Getty.
Downsizing expert Rachel Lane says people should avoid falling into the trap of thinking land-lease communities are just full of oldies. Source: Getty.
As this reader's assets increase, her pension may consequently be reduced. Source: Getty.
Adding together all the building blocks of your finances will help to understand how much rent assistance you're eligible for. Source: Getty.
Getting divorced can ignite a whole range of financial problems. Source: Getty.
Before heading down the path suggested by a financial planner, it's important to know both the risks and rewards. Source: Getty.
If you're left tossing and turning at night from your investments, then they might not be the right ones for you. Source; Getty.

About Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane was a financial adviser who struck out on her own because she wanted to give older Australians better advice than they could receive from the mainstream money brands. As the founder of Aged Care Gurus, Rachel oversees an Australia-wide network of financial advisers who are committed to putting clients first with quality advice on all the financial aspects of downsizing, retirement living, home care and aged care. An independent thinker who is unaffiliated with any product provider, Rachel is regularly sought by government and peak bodies as a consultant, speaker and writer on issues in the sector, she holds a Masters in Financial Planning and, with Noel Whittaker, is the author of Aged Care, Who Cares? and The Retirement Living Handbook. Rachel and Noel have just published a third book, Downsizing Made Simple, that provides information and exercises designed to help 60-pluses make the right property decision for their lifestyle and budget. You can purchase a copy of Downsizing Made Simple here. Rachel says the close relationship she had with her own grandmother growing up is what drives her to push for the best deal for all older Australians.