Considering a Retirement Village

The lesser-known benefits of living in a retirement village

Oct 01, 2023
There’s more to retirement villages than just the bricks and mortar. Source: Supplied by Oak Tree Group

It might be the seachange or treechange you have always dreamed of, or perhaps you’re looking for ways to cut back on the housework to upsize your lifestyle. Whatever it may be, there are many benefits to moving into a retirement village.

While the convenience, amenities, security and sense of community are some of the well-known benefits that first come to mind, there are also a number of lesser-known, intangible advantages that make retirement villages an ideal choice pre retirees and retirees.

They may be a little more obscure than the obvious advantages, but they make a big difference to your overall wellbeing while also promoting healthy ageing. 

1. Mental health benefits

A retirement village is more than just a place to live. It also provides you with an opportunity to stay socially engaged in the community, make new friends, and find new passions in life, which in turn comes with an array of mental health benefits

Many residents also discover a renewed sense of belonging within their communities. This is especially important when the cessation of work and family commitments has left a void. 

Whether it’s just a neighbourly wave as they pass by your front garden or a long chat over a cuppa in the communal lounge, the built-in social network of retirement villages can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation whilst ensuring your mind is constantly stimulated, engaged and maybe even challenged!

2. Active & engaged lifestyles

A retirement village provides the facilities to encourage you to continue to live an active and independent lifestyle. From tennis courts to bowling greens, swimming pools, gymnasiums, communal veggie or flower gardens and easy paths for walking or cycling – whatever you’re in the mood for is just a short walk away from your doorstep.

You also may have easy access to wellness activities and programs that you may not have had otherwise or may not have thought about going to if they weren’t conveniently located near you. Under professional guidance you can also participate in fun-filled in-house exercise programs and gentle movement classes to support your mobility and physical wellbeing as you age. Remember, it is important to use it or lose it!

3. Love thy neighbour

Well, you don’t have to love your neighbours, but they’re easy to like! How nice is it to know that your neighbours aren’t throwing all-night parties or revving noisy cars in the wee hours.  There is peace of mind to be had when you know you don’t need to worry about who could be living right next door.

Even beyond knowing that your neighbours aren’t troublemakers, you can actually enjoy comfortable companionship and friendships with your retirement village neighbours, especially because you have so much in common.

4. New shared experiences

As the saying goes, sharing is caring and sharing an experience with another person has been found to make that experience even better and more positive. 

Residents of retirement villages have many opportunities to take part in new experiences along old friends and new. Alongside the many events and activities that are held within the villages, such as fashion shows, happy hours, and high teas, residents often times venture out together for visits to the local pub, race days, trips to the theatre, and even holidays.

Other important considerations

There are many other considerations to be had before you make the move. You may like to consider downloading the helpful free e-guide put together by Starts at 60 in partnership with Oak Tree: ‘Considering a Retirement Village: The Ultimate Guide’, which is packed with critical information, considerations and easy-to-complete exercises to help guide your journey into community retirement living.

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