The study found that those who spend more than 10 hours daily in sedentary activities, such as prolonged TV viewing or extended periods of driving, face a significantly heightened risk of developing dementia. Source: Getty Images.
The study found that older individuals with untreated high blood pressure are at a significantly higher risk of dementia compared to those on medication or those with healthy blood pressure. Source: Getty Images.
Studies show that hobbies can lead to an improved sense of wellbeing, especially amongst seniors. Source: Getty Images
Jet lag can be frustrating but a new study shows a hearty breakfast at your destination may just reduce symptoms for a quicker post trip bounce back. Source: Getty Images
Women's Health Week seeks to elevate awareness and knowledge regarding women's health issues. Source: Getty Images.
A new head gear device with EEG capabilities will help doctors detect Alzheimer's disease before symptoms appear. Source: Getty Images.
Similar to physical health, maintaining mental agility is crucial at every stage of life. Source: Getty Images.
This breakthrough may hold promising prospects for older individuals who may find it challenging to partake in regular exercise. Source: Getty Images.
Charging for what was previously free services, cutting staff, and trading hours are expected to take place once the 60-day dispensing policy starts on September 1. Source: Getty