Shingles is a painful condition characterised by a blistering rash that often appears on one side of the face or body. Source: Getty Images.
As Australia grapples with this escalating challenge, informed strategies and robust support systems are imperative to address the complex and growing needs of those affected by dementia. Source: Getty Images.
Do eggs give you the edge? Research suggests they do. Source: Getty Images.
According to Dementia Australia, dementia currently ranks as the second most common cause of death among Australians, and recent data suggests that it is poised to become the leading cause. Source: Getty Images.
Source: Getty Images.
Playing a musical instrument could be your secret weapon against cognitive decline, new study shows. Source: Getty Images
By providing frontline workers with a comprehensive understanding of the disease, the training aims to ensure a more compassionate and effective response to individuals with dementia during crises. Source: Jane Dempster/AAP PHOTOS.
Falls are a considerable health concern for individuals over 65, impacting one in three people annually. Source:HANDOUT/NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH AUSTRALIA.
Source: Getty Images.