Helpful tips for talking to your family about retirement village living

Jun 16, 2023
Have you been thinking about making the move to a retirement village, but not sure how to break the news to your family? Source: Getty

Family often play a major role in the life decisions we make, their opinion can shape and impact our own. 

This is particularly true when it comes to making the decision to move to a retirement village, especially if the decision involves selling the cherished family home or involves a conversation on the kind of care you might be seeking from the facility to help you age in place. 

Bringing your loved ones in on the decision-making process can help you navigate the complex emotions (both yours and theirs) while also assessing the considerations involved. These other perspectives can also provide valuable insights that you may have otherwise missed, allowing you to fully weigh the pros and cons of your options for such a significant life transition.

So what is the best to start the conversation with your family and friends? We look at a few options below. 

Throw “the big family lunch”

Considering your next move can be a big step not only for you but also for your children. 

One of the most valuable steps in the process can be to talk about it openly, invite feedback, input and discussion and be clear on where you want help and where you just want to keep them informed so that they are great supporters of your journey into your next stage of life.

Many people talk about ‘the big family lunch’ being a fun way to have an open discussion and make light of this important transition. 

Depending on your family dynamic, you might choose to invite everyone to your family home or go out to a restaurant to distance yourself from the home if you need.

Enlist your provider’s help

Moving and making large life decisions can be difficult, which is why we encourage open discussions between family members prior to making a decision to ensure everyone is engaged and understands your needs and preferences.

Ask your provider if you can involve your family in the discussions to make the transition as pleasant as possible. Information should be provided and shared easily with you and your family to ensure you can be fully supported.

Other important considerations

We’ve created a free online handbook packed with comprehensive information on everything you need to know when considering the move into retirement village living, including other ways to involve your family in this process.  

You’ll find helpful resources and activities to decide you make an informed decision if retirement village living is right for you. Download a copy of Considering a Retirement Village – The Ultimate Checklist today.

Disclaimer: Please note that Considering a Retirement Village e-guide is not a substitute for legal or financial advice. Before making a commitment to move to a retirement village, prospective residents should obtain specific legal and financial advice from independent and qualified practitioners who are familiar with their personal and financial circumstances and their particular legal documentation.


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