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Fact versus fiction: retirement villages are not aged care

May 31, 2023
Retirement villages are vibrant communities where you can enjoy living in a secure and friendly environment where family and friends are always welcome! Image source: Oak Tree Group

If you’re thinking about downsizing in retirement, you may have heard all the wildest myths about retirement villages and have probably been put off considering community living as an option for you.

For some, the idea of a retirement village conjures up images of senior citizens tucked away in small homes, living a quiet, lonely life that’s disconnected from the outside world – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Being guided on misinformation means you could be missing out on something great.

Retirement villages are vibrant communities offering relaxed, lower maintenance, independent living for over 55’s. Pop into one of the many Oak Tree retirement villages in Australia and see for yourself. You’ll discover modern living in secure communities that facilitate independence along with a zest for life, inspired by the freedom to enjoy your dream lifestyle within a friendly community of like-minded people.

Retirement villages versus aged care

Let’s look at some of the key differences between retirement villages and aged care facilities.

Residential aged care facilities are designed for people who can no longer live independently in their own home and require full-time care. They provide a range of professional care and support services including clinical, allied health and lifestyle services such as:

  1. Health care plans
  2. Personal care
  3. Medication and pain management
  4. Rehabilitation services
  5. Occupational therapy and physiotherapy
  6. Nursing care

Moving into aged care often happens after a significant health incident or when it’s considered necessary for one’s wellbeing and safety.

Retirement villages on the other hand, such as Oak Tree, are places where people choose to live for their lifestyle opportunities and conveniences.

Found in a range of regional and metropolitan locations throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania, Oak Tree’s boutique villages are a downsizing opportunity offering independent living with high-quality modern homes. Within each village is also a selection of communal recreation facilities, such as a swimming pool or bowl greens which provide opportunities for social interactions. You’ll also find that retirement villages commonly have nearby access to external medical and social support services to suit your needs as you age.

Let’s keep busting a few more of those myths and explore what a retirement village lifestyle really looks like…

Myth: Retirement villages are for old people

The only age requirement for entering a retirement village is that you are over 55. You may be a single or a couple who is retired, semi-retired, and even still working.

You’ll be living amongst like-minded neighbours who are at a similar age and life stage to you. This helps foster a real sense of community and belonging and provides you with ample opportunities to expand your social circle and forge new friendships.

It’s not uncommon to hear retirement village residents say that they wish they had made the move sooner because of the strong connections they make and the lifestyle opportunities.

Myth: I’ll lose my independence

In fact, one of the perks of choosing independent living in a retirement village is that it enables you to do more of what you want!

Retirement villages provide the opportunity to downsize into a secure community with a maintenance model that means you can channel your energy into doing more of the things you love.

While you might opt to maintain your garden yourself if you are somewhat green-fingered and enjoy gardening, retirement villages take care of all the external maintenance so you have more time in your day to do what you love.

Myth: Retirement villages are for people who are ready to slow down

After relocating to a retirement village people often find themselves more active and involved, discovering a new zest for life along with the time and energy to do the things they enjoy.

And if traveling the world is in your retirement plan, retirement villages offer lock-up-and-leave convenience and peace of mind, knowing your home is safe and being cared for during your absence.

Retirement villages are designed for ageing in place and Oak Tree pays particular attention to supporting your health and wellbeing both now and into the future. Residents are free to choose independent service providers when needed, and staff can help with coordinating in-home care from external providers if necessary to suit your needs.

Myth: You’ll be stuck in a tiny unit with no privacy

Retirement villages come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are freestanding units, such as those found in a traditional open plan retirement village, complete with their own private garden or courtyard and a garage, whereas others are in an apartment block.

Oak Tree’s retirement village, Kanwal, NSW. Image source: Oak Tree Group

Oak Tree’s boutique retirement villages offer villas that are ready for you to move into. Thoughtful design sees 1, 2 or 3 bedroom homes with indoor and outdoor living in a wide range of modern, open-plan styles. With a selection of facilities on offer, you can enjoy a spacious and inviting home, as well as shared spaces such as bowling greens, barbecue, entertainment and poolside relaxation areas.

Inside a villa at Oak Tree’s retirement village, Kanwal, NSW. Image source: Oak Tree Group

The homes are also thoughtfully designed with considerations to help you age in place. This includes eliminating unnecessary steps, bending and reaching, as well as slip hazards where possible.

Myth: I don’t want to be cut off from the outside world

Quite the opposite, most retirement village residents find they experience less isolation than they did in their previous homes.

The locations for Oak Tree retirement villages are carefully selected to ensure easy integration with the local community. That might be the community you are used to living in, so you can continue to connect easily with friends, family, and services such as dentists and doctors.

Or perhaps you’re relocating to enjoy a sea-change or a tree-change, in which case you’re in the perfect place to discover new hobbies, tackle your ‘bucket list’ items, enjoy a supportive and sociable community, and make many new friends.

Are you considering a retirement village?

Making the switch to a retirement village is all about making more time for yourself, pursuing your dream lifestyle, and establishing your future in a lower maintenance, secure and friendly environment. Contact Oak Tree’s friendly staff to learn more about their boutique retirement villages and see for yourself how they could suit you.

Oak Tree has also partnered with Starts at 60 to help you navigate this next stage of your life and ensure you have all the facts and considerations before making the move into a retirement village. Download your free copy of the latest edition, ‘Considering a retirement village: the ultimate guide’ to learn more.

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