John and Barb have all the info to enjoy their retirement

Whether you’re planning for retirement, living your dream life after work or want to improve your retirement health or finances, Starts at 60 is here for you.

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More and better information on the life stages that really matter.

Planning for retirement

Whether you’re six weeks, six months or six years away from retirement, it’s never too early to start thinking about this next exciting stage of life. From transitioning to part-time work to finding new interests to fill your days, we’ve got you covered.

Your retirement income

Knowing your income matches your expenses – and ensuring that that income lasts as long as you do! – is vital to retirement peace of mind. Hear how other over-60s maximised their savings and learn more about your income options here.

Getting the Age Pension

Navigating the pension process can be tricky but we’ve taken this tough topic back to basics. That way you can spend less time thinking about income and assets tests, and more time enjoying your retirement.

Budgeting in retirement

No matter how much money you have, knowing where it’s going remains important. We look at smart ways to budget on a fixed income and how to stretch a dollar further. Plus, hear how other over-60s are using their money in retirement.

Your travel bucket-list

Everyone has something they want to tick off now they’ve got time. Whether your travel dreams feature destinations near home or far flung, we’ve got information and plenty of inspiration to get you started on your bucket list.

Going grey-nomadding

Hitting the road to see Australia in your own time is one of the great Aussie retirement dreams. Make sure your trip is more hit than hitches with tips on how to be a great grey nomad, including from over-60s who’ve already done it.

Becoming a grandparent

Whether you’ve waited years to become a grandparent or welcomed a new generation when you least expected it, caring for little ones is pretty different the second time around. Learn how to avoid the tribulations and enjoy the triumphs of grandparenting.

Downsizing your home

Decluttering, selling, buying, packing, moving – downsizing is a big, and busy, life event and you may be unsure where to start. We’ve got expert insights on the whole process, plus in-depth info on your downsized property options.

Helping your adult kids

Whether you’re lending a hand with a loan or gift, or opening your doors to help them save, helping your grown-up children to get ahead comes with risks and rewards. We explain how to weigh them up and find a solution that suits your family.

Improving your health

You’ve finally got time to focus on being at your best. So we’ve talked to diet and fitness experts, natural therapists, healthcare professionals and more to bring you the latest info on how to get healthy no matter what your starting point.

Managing health issues

There’s no getting around it – getting older usually means more health issues to manage, some of them serious. Stay up to date with expert insights and the newest solutions for some of the most challenging health conditions.

Caring for a loved one

Caring for a partner or parent can be a stressful time, as you juggle home care and healthcare, while trying to maintain the independence they value. Here’s how to find funding for care, navigate relationships and maintain your sense of self.

Planning for end-of-life

You’ve always done it your way, so why should the end of life be any different? From advance care plans to enduring powers of attorney, there are many ways to ensure your wishes are clearly communicated and carried out.

Your estate plan

Careful estate planning can save your loved ones a whole lot of heartache after you’re gone. And it involves more than just a will. Hear how other over-60s have planned their estates and read expert insights into protecting your wealth and your beneficiaries.

Living with bereavement

The loss of a loved one is incredibly tough but the right support can help. Learn more about how to celebrate your loved one’s life and live with their departure from funeral planning and bereavement experts and from other over-60s who’ve had the same experience.