The Newport Retirement Living apartments take in the best of everything Newport has to offer.
Drivers Tony and Chris with their pride and joy the Spirit of Mary Valley. Source: Di East
Total freedom in the breathtaking fringing lagoon of New Caledonia. Source: Di East
Zodiak trip in morning sun to the numerous icebergs - Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord. Source: Di East
19th Century Longton potteries -- a scene straight out of a Dickens novel. Source:  A.W.J. Blake c.1895
The magnificent fairy-tale vista of Hofkirchen nestled in the snow-filled valley. Source: Di East
The authentic old Commercial Hotel at Ulmarra never disappoints. Source: Di and Geoff East
Beautiful Venice Beach viewed from our hotel room. Source: Di East
The spectacular view from the summit to the nearby volcan. Source: Geoff East

About Di and Geoff East

Di and Geoff are a married couple based in south-east Queensland. They work together on stories that will inspire! Di is the photographer with a passion for people and places. At every session she looks for the opportunity to capture the emotion and interaction of the of the subjects she photographs. Geoff is the writer. A natural communicator and listener, he has public speaking experience and a talen for quickly learning about people and their stories. Their passion is sailing and travel, and they are often out on the water capturing sunsets and following dolphins. The world is a big place and there is so much to see and do. Wherever Di and Geoff go, so too does their camera and notepad.