Prince Harry detailed the challenges he and his wife faced, citing concerns for their safety as a pivotal factor behind their departure. Source: AP
The Christmas video has become an instant sensation, with admirers expressing their appreciation for the couple's rare insight into their family celebrations. Source: Getty Images.
Source: Getty Images/ Facebook: @SimonCharlesDorante-Day
All eyes are once again on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as another racism scandal erupts. Source: Getty Images.
A new book has revealed further bombshells about the Royal Family. Source: Getty Images
Critics and viewers taken aback with the handling of Princess Diana's death in Season Six of The Crown.  Source: Getty Images.
Prince William reportedly remains "hurt" and "too angry" to extend forgiveness to his younger brother due to what he perceives as a betrayal of the family. Source: Getty Images.
Excitement for this year's Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey soared when Princess Catherine took to social media to unveil the enchanting details. Source: Getty Images.
The couple appears to be making an effort to mend fences and reconnect with their relatives, starting with a warm birthday wish to King Charles. Source: Getty Images.