The Home of the Baby Boomer

Welcome to Starts at 60, the home of the baby boomer online! We connect digital-savvy older Australians with influential brands and service providers across content, ecommerce and travel.

Reach the Baby Boomer in their native habitat - Starts at 60!

Starts at 60 is the largest digital audience of over-60s in Australia, serving more than a million over-60s with daily media, curated travel experiences and a powerful online retail marketplace. The combination of these allows us to bring the Baby Boomer better deals and brands better opportunities to connect with this exciting consumer. 

With a footprint that spans our website, email, Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Twitter, each with enormous engagement and community spirit, we have the tools to influence, educate and drive toward conversion in a process we call ‘content + commerce’. We serve more than:

  • 1,000,000 unique visitors monthly

  • 3,500,000 page views monthly

  • 225,000 email subscribers

  • 800,000+ social media followers

"A million Aussie Boomers ready to spend the kid’s inheritance”.

We’ve just released our 2021/22 Boomer Guide to help you understand more about the digital savvy Boomer we serve.  This guide provides more than 40 pages of 2021 data captured through the Big Starts at 60 Survey as well as powerful insights from leading demographer Bernard Salt and experienced Boomer content leader, Brian Crisp.  

Who've we worked with?

We’re fortunate to count some of Australia’s biggest brands amongst our clients, but we’re not snobs – we’ve also worked with spunky small businesses who’ve got a dream and plenty of not-for-profits with a cause.  And, we work closely with agencies too, driving digital results that make everyone happy.

Some recent campaign partners include:

Tourism WhitsundaysWestpacNestle Health ScienceGSKTrilogyANZQ SuperIngeniaUberSpecsaversBreastscreenBestie KitchenMaggie BeerPierre CardinJourney BeyondOutback PioneersAAT KingsPrincess CruisesCunardSealinkStocklandBaptcareTourism NTHousehold Capital

Are we any good?

We get it, how much can you believe what a company says about itself on its own website anyway? Rather than feeding you spin that means SFA, here are a few industry awards we’ve won to assure you that we can walk the talk and some words from the mouths of our happy clients. .

Amanda Falconer, Bestie Kitchen

“We were trying to reach a wider network of animal-loving seniors and educate them on our natural, proven supplements for pets and Starts at 60 has done just that for us. We’ve just had our biggest two months to date!”


Susanna Feretti, Neat Feat 

“We made almost $11,000 in sales in our first month. We could not believe the ongoing purchases; it was amazing and overwhelming to say the least. We knew we had found what we were looking for as another sales channel for Neat Feat.”


Mario Garrido, Household Capital

“From the CEO to the editorial, strategy and customer success team, there is a great sense of ownership and care. It’s refreshing to see an organisation where all levels of the business are present and committed to the client’s success.”


Richard Doyle, SeaLink Travel Group

“Our business with Travel at 60 grew by over 25% in 2020/21 vs 2019/20, even though we couldn’t operate for three months in 2020 due to Covid-19.”


Elizabeth Huggins, Digital Adoption Marketing Lead ANZ

“Starts at 60 has been a key channel in our efforts to educate older Australians about digital banking options and encourage self-service. Our campaign with them has contributed to successfully shifting perceptions about digital banking in the 60-plus demographic.”

Brett Wendorf, Princess Cruises

The team at Starts at 60 and Travel at 60 have been a great success story.   We see a lot of potential ‘next best things’ come through, but since their inception, Starts at 60 have stood out because they have not only just delivered, but surpassed any lofty expectations we may have set for them.   Having a deep-seated understanding, connection, and relationship with their followers really has separated this clever and dynamic team from the pack.  


Seen enough and want to chat? We’d love to!

Our national partnerships team work across our media, travel and marketplace offerings and will help you navigate the best way to connect your brand with digital-savvy over-60s and drive results.