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Despite rumours that Catherine might join the Royal Family for a brief appearance on the Palace balcony during the historic ceremony, there are several reasons why this is unlikely to happen. Source: Getty Images.
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In addition to missing out on the action of this weekend's celebrations, the historic event will likely serve as a stark reminder of what Harry gave up since stepping away from his royal duties. Source: Getty Images.
Earwax can come in many different colours, making it challenging to determine what's normal and when to be concerned about your health. Source: Getty Images.
Unfortunately, with his passing, Mosley's hopeful vision for the future remains unfulfilled, adding another heartbreaking dimension to the beloved television presenter's tragic death. Source: Brook Mitchell/ Getty Images.
In a testament to how much Dave Myers was beloved by the public, he was recently awarded the prestigious Freedom of the Town in his home town during an "absolutely amazing" and "emotional" ceremony. Source: Getty Images.
While Buckingham Palace chose not to address the matter and remained silent, the public was quick to condemn the protesters' "disgusting" actions. Source: AP PHOTO.
The My Heart Will Go On Hitmaker remains strong and optimistic, expressing her determination to overcome the challenges and continue her musical journey. Source: Getty Images.

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Following Ariarne Titmus' "incredible" performance in the pool, fans across the nation rushed to offer their congratulations. Source: Jono Searle/AAP PHOTOS.
While the research offers hope for protecting eyesight into old age, taking proactive steps to safeguard your vision is crucial for maintaining independence and enhancing overall well-being. Source: Getty Images.
According to the latest research, baby boomers are well aware that younger Australians are struggling financially and while they want to help where they can, they are not willing to do so at the expense of their retirement lifestyle. Source: Getty Images.
The initiative couldn't be timelier for older Australians, who are disproportionately targeted as victims of scam activities compared to other age groups with those aged over 65 losing over $120 million to scams in 2023. Source: AP PHOTO.
Knitting can not only result in a nifty new scarf and the benefits that come with social connections but can also help reduce depression and anxiety, slow the onset of dementia, and take your mind off chronic pain, according to recent research.  Source: Getty Images.
The new approach "bridges a critical gap in dementia diagnosis, offering a non-invasive biomarker that could transform early detection and treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes." Source: Getty Images.
Australians are being increasingly targeted by scammers with those aged over 65 seeing a recent increase in losses to scams. Source: Getty Images.
Taking the witness stand in the Supreme Court in Melbourne on Thursday, June 6, Greg Lynn finally shared his version of events, describing a "horrendous" scene. Source: Paul Tyquin/ AAP PHOTOS.
Despite the loss, de Minaur found a silver lining, telling reporters that reaching the quarter-finals "shows the development" he has made as a player. Source: AP PHOTO.
With the rise in bulk-billing rates, families with children under 16, pensioners and other concession cardholders, who make up more than three out of five visits to a GP, are finding it easier to access healthcare services. Source: Getty Images.
Following news of his passing, the AFL community quickly inundated social media with an outpouring of tributes. Source: HANDOUT/WEST COAST EAGLES.
Upon hearing of Djokovic's withdrawal, fans quickly extended their support, wishing him a swift recovery. Source: AP PHOTO.
Source: Getty Images.
Fans from near and far were quick to congratulate de Minaur on his impressive win. Source: AP PHOTO.
Why do we reach for that block of comforting chocolate over a piece of fruit when the mercury drops? Source: Getty Images.
Plantar fasciitis: Your questions answered
As news of her passing broke, people from around the world paid tribute to the long-serving flight attendant. Source: AP PHOTO.
Source: Getty
Minister for Aged Care, Annika Wells said the funds will provide more accommodation for vulnerable older Australians and improve their quality of life. Source: Getty Images.