The Fab Four will be back in four biopics documenting the story of the greatest band of all time. Source: Getty Images.
Princess Anne, known for her straightforward and no-nonsense approach, has long been admired for her ability to handle difficult situations with grace and tact. Source: Getty Images.
Despite her tough on-screen persona, Hegerty's affection for the show is evident as she described it as "the best job I've ever had." Source: Getty Images.
As the tributes continue to pour in, it is evident that Steve Irwin's legacy remains as vibrant and influential as ever. Source: Getty Images.
While reconciliation may be a long way down the road, it appears that Prince Harry has been making an effort of late to do the right thing by his family after years of strained relations. Source: Getty Images.
King Charles III returns to public duties with a candid confession. Source: Getty Images.
Dr. Harry, who never envisioned himself on screens at 80, expressed gratitude for his enduring career. Source: Getty Images.
The message garnered an outpouring of positive comments from followers, commending her dedication to raising awareness. Source: Getty Images.
The move has been seen as a significant deviation from royal tradition. Source: Getty Images.

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Do eggs give you the edge? Research suggests they do. Source: Getty Images.
According to Dementia Australia, dementia currently ranks as the second most common cause of death among Australians, and recent data suggests that it is poised to become the leading cause. Source: Getty Images.
In a statement addressing his departure, Banducci reflected on his time with Woolworths. Source: Bianca De Marchi/AAP PHOTOS.
The decision comes amid public outcry over youth crime. Source: Darren England/AAP PHOTOS.
For concerned citizens who encounter lorikeets displaying symptoms of LPS, immediate action is crucial. Source: Getty Images.
As he navigates the challenges of recovery, fans and fellow players alike are rooting for Nadal's successful comeback, hoping to see him add to his extraordinary legacy in the sport. Source: AP PHOTO.
Retirement advice brought to you by our very own Starts at 60 Community. Source: Getty
Reactions from the online community flooded in quickly, with many empathising with the bride-to-be's perspective. Source: Getty Images.
Is it ever okay to let your dog go to the bathroom on your neighbour's lawn? The answer, it seems, is as varied as the breeds themselves. Source: Getty Images.
The recent substantial reward reflects the authorities' commitment to solving the mystery and providing closure for the Fagan family. Source: Victoria Police.
There are various ways to save money during retirement. Source: Getty Images.
Closures are making banking more challenging for older individuals, businesses, and anyone requiring face-to-face assistance. Source: AAP PHOTOS.
Colleagues, politicians, and the Australian public alike took to social media to extend their heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple. Source: Lukas Coch /AAP PHOTOS.
Source: Getty Images.
Image source: Getty
The post garnered an outpouring of support from fans, who left heartfelt comments expressing their love and sympathy. Source: Instagram/ @lisacurry.
The bank's move to do away with cash services did not sit well with the public. Source: Getty Images.
Source: Getty Images.
Despite hope that her stance would garner support, the bride's plea quickly backfired as the online community reacted with a mix of criticism and sarcasm. Source: Getty Images.