Australians have been hard hit by scams recently, alarmingly figures show that the amount lost to scammers increases with age. Source: Getty Images.
Lynn was arrested in relation to the camper’s disappearance on November 21, 2021 and was later charged with two counts of murder after he was questioned for several days by police. Source: Instagram/ @caffeinecrimeandcanines
The trial has now been delayed after lawyers for Greg Lynn requested proceedings be pushed back to 2024. Source: Instagram/ @caffeinecrimeandcanines
Woman claiming to be Maddie McCann challenged yet again as facial recognition technology deems it "impossible" for her to be the missing toddler. Source: Getty Images.
Following a week long committal hearing, on Wednesday, January 25, Magistrate Brett Sonnet committed Lynn to the Victorian Supreme Court for trial. Source: Twitter/ @VictoriaPolice.
While alerting the public to the scam in early 2022, Cybercrime Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Matthew Craft said “the demographic of victims is predominately aged over 55. Source: Getty Images.
If Baldwin is found guilty, he may face a mandatory five-year sentence. Source: Getty
During Monday's hearing Victoria Police forensic officer Mark Gellatly was questioned regarding the possibility that Carol Clay may have been allegedly struck following an accidental gun shot. Source:Twitter/ @VictoriaPolice
Scammers have now evolved their scam to make recipients believe their loved ones have been kidnapped or owe a drug debt in order to elicit funds. Source: Getty Images.