The recent substantial reward reflects the authorities' commitment to solving the mystery and providing closure for the Fagan family. Source: Victoria Police.
Police labelled the incident a "callous, cowardly, violent crime" on a loving, family woman. Source: Getty Images.
"They have lost a mother, grandmother, a wife and loved family member of their family."  Source: Jono Searle/AAP PHOTOS.
The AFP is warning Aussies about a scam that may affect the lonely over Valentine's Day. Source: Getty Images.
As another year passes with no answers as to the fate of the two young girls, police have announced that the investigation into the abductions and suspected murders of the girls is ongoing. Source: Facebook/ @Australian-Missing-Persons-Register
Australians have been hard hit by scams recently, alarmingly figures show that the amount lost to scammers increases with age. Source: Getty Images.
Lynn was arrested in relation to the camper’s disappearance on November 21, 2021 and was later charged with two counts of murder after he was questioned for several days by police. Source: Instagram/ @caffeinecrimeandcanines
The trial has now been delayed after lawyers for Greg Lynn requested proceedings be pushed back to 2024. Source: Instagram/ @caffeinecrimeandcanines
Woman claiming to be Maddie McCann challenged yet again as facial recognition technology deems it "impossible" for her to be the missing toddler. Source: Getty Images.
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