Downsizing & Decluttering

More time with the grandkids is often seen as one of the benefits of granny flats. Image Source: Getty.
Beware of these hidden costs associated with selling your home. Source: Getty
Selling your home in retirement can be a significant decision that requires careful planning and consideration. Source: Getty Images.
Here's our best tips to make downsizing a smooth move for you. Source: Getty
Unlike retirement communities, lifestyle communities generally attract a younger, more active and independent homeowner. Image source: Supplied
The move was met with mostly criticism on social media with many questioning the benefits for pensioners. Source: Getty Images.
At Lifestyle Ingenia Bethania, you can fill your day with new experiences, new friends, a worry-free life and more time spent doing the things you love. Image source: Supplied
Enjoy the financial freedom that comes with living in a lifestyle community. Image source: Supplied
Ingenia’s Latitude One in Port Stephens combines the best of a sea and tree change with luxury homes and gold class facilities. Image source: Supplied
Jagger recently sat down for an interview with SiriusXM, where he reflected on his friendship with his longtime bandmate. Source: Getty Images.
Sydney and Melbourne cruise lovers are in for a treat in the months ahead.
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This blogger takes us on a nostalgic trip back in time to revisit the iconic teenage hangouts of the past. 
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Tom Jones will next year grace Australian stages with his recently announced "Ages and Stages" tour. Source: Getty Images.
September Horoscope: Emotional turmoil and new beginnings are on the horizon
Should Caine step away from acting, we could see him channeling his love for storytelling into writing, as evidenced by the recent release of his first novel. Source: Getty Images.
Jackman and Furness first crossed paths on the set of the Australian TV series Correlli back in 1995, and their whirlwind romance led to a marriage that has long been the envy of Hollywood. Source: Getty Images.
Source: Getty Images.
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