Downsizing & Decluttering

A government scheme is incentivising downsizing homes for over 55s. Source: Getty Images
Money and property expert weighs in. Image source: Getty
If I sell my house, how long do I have to buy another one before I lose my Age Pension? Image source: Getty
When the time comes to downsize, you’ll need to decide between buying your new home first or selling your existing home first. Money expert, Rachel Lane, shares three ways to bridge the gap. Image source: Getty
If you get it right, downsizing can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Image source: Getty
More time with the grandkids is often seen as one of the benefits of granny flats. Image Source: Getty.
Beware of these hidden costs associated with selling your home. Source: Getty
Selling your home in retirement can be a significant decision that requires careful planning and consideration. Source: Getty Images.
Here's our best tips to make downsizing a smooth move for you. Source: Getty
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The revelation offers a fresh perspective in the realm of stain-fighting techniques. Source: Getty Images.
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The decision comes amid public outcry over youth crime. Source: Darren England/AAP PHOTOS.
Morgan's comments come as reports emerge that Harry is ready to offer his support to the Royal Family if needed in light of the King's health woes. Source: Getty Images.
These cheap but smart solutions are worth a try! Source: Getty Images.
While fans rejoiced at the sight of Sims smiling once more, a wave of supportive sentiments also poured in, acknowledging the ongoing challenges she undoubtedly faces during this trying period. Source: Instagram/ @tahneesims.
Creating a purposeful routine goes a long way in enhancing the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of your retirement years. Source: Getty Images.
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