Starts at 60 media ethics and complaints

Starts at 60 is committed to providing news, information and opinions that reflect the needs, interests and issues of over-60s. In doing so, we’re committed to accuracy and fairness in our articles, images and videos and employ a team of professional reporters and editors who do their utmost to ensure our community receives content it can trust. But we understand that content, by its very nature, can be divisive and open to interpretation. And everyone at
Starts at 60 is human – despite our best efforts, we may get it wrong sometimes.
That’s why were we’re also committed to responding to our community’s thoughts and concerns about our editorial content in a timely and respectful manner.
If you would like to communicate with us about something we have published on our site or on social media, please contact us at
[email protected] and we will respond to you personally within 24 hours. We undertake to investigate all concerns and complaints as quickly as possible and to communicate with you openly about that investigation.
And if you have further concerns, we will be happy to instruct you on other avenues you may wish to pursue in remediating those issues.
That’s Starts at 60’s commitment to our community on editorial content: accuracy, fairness, timeliness and respect.