Starts at 60 spoke to two sexual health experts about what's "normal" when it comes to love-making as an over-60! Source: Getty Images.
While neglecting to replace your toothbrush may not seem like such a big deal it can quickly compromise the quality of your oral hygiene routine which can lead to dire consequences for your health. Source: Getty Images.
The journey after a breast cancer diagnosis is complex, but knowledge, support, and proactive steps can ease the way. Source: Getty Images.
Source: Getty Images.
Experts stress the significance of maintaining coolness and proper hydration during the summer months. Source: Getty Images.
Preventing falls isn't just about avoiding injury; it's about maintaining an active and engaged lifestyle as we age. Source: Getty Images.
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As we bid farewell to the remnants of holiday overindulgence, let's welcome a rejuvenated and balanced approach to our health in the new year. Source: Getty Images.
With the new year upon us, there's no better time to take that crucial first step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. Source: Getty Images.