The Harry Redford Old Time Tent Show is just one of the many unforgettable experiences in Longreach. Image courtesy Outback Pioneers
The only place in Australia you can gallop in a Cobb & Co stagecoach! Image source: Supplied
Longreach Common is a vision of green after recent rainfall. Image source: Supplied
Richard Kinnon’s always ready to share a yarn. Image source: Outback Pioneers
Whitey, Richard Kinnon’s special horse and a local Longreach character in his own right (left) and Buck, one of the Kinnons’ amazing working dogs (right). Image: Outback Pioneers
Discover the magic of outback evenings with Outback Pioneers. Image source: Outback Pioneers
Rediscover a time when travelling light had a whole different meaning! Image source: Outback Pioneers.
Captain Starlight’s story comes to life on the beautiful banks of the Thomson River, Longreach, Queensland. Image source: Outback Pioneers
Even as a boy, Jeremy Kinnon knew how to keep a billy boiling - as well as many of the other time-honoured skills it takes to keep an outback station going.

About Richard Kinnon

Richard Kinnon’s passion for all things outback has shaped his life and has, through circumstances rather than ambition, led to him becoming a spokesperson and champion for the iconic Australian way of life in remote Queensland. From a family of graziers, Richard runs two cattle and sheep stations in the Longreach region. In 2006, faced with the tough times of outback drought, he and his wife Marisse founded a tourism venture to help support the grazing business and the lifestyle they love. That tourism business, called Outback Pioneers, now welcomes over 20,000 visitors each year and has won many awards, including the prestigious Queensland Tourism Awards Gold Award for Cultural Tourism. For Richard, the pleasure is in seeing the ‘city cousins’ coming to discover their Australian heritage and the outback spirit that makes this country special. He’s always ready for a yarn with visitors or to tell his personal story of outback resilience. Like most outback characters, he does that with plenty of quirky wit and humour! Richard’s wife Marisse is joint founder and general manager of Outback Pioneers and their three children Jeremy, Lane and Abigail also have roles in the business.