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Establishing an end-of-life plan is an essential step for every Australian as they enter their retirement years. Not only does it ensure your final wishes are honoured once you’ve passed, it also gives your loved ones a clear understanding of how you want to live out your dying days when the time comes, and how you want to be celebrated upon your death.

There’s a lot to consider when putting your plans in motion, including understanding your advanced-care options, your funeral preferences (including whether you’d like to buried or cremated), your will – including your power of attorney and executor, and a whole lot more.

Read on to find all the essential information you need to help you prepare for your final days and ensure your wishes are honoured once you’re gone.

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Passwords don't pass with your passing – they stay alive. If you have kept them in a secret place or, even more securely, in that impregnable cyber space called your head, it could create a problem for others if you lose your life or your mind. Source: Getty
Funerary urn with ashes of dead and flowers at funeral. Image: Getty
Unlike other types of trust, which must come to an end within 80 years, charitable trusts can exist forever. Source: Getty
Sometimes it's just better to be explicit about where you've stored your will. Source: Getty.
Elder abuse is now the most common form of abuse and sadly the perpetrators are most often the victim’s friends and family. Source: Getty
In many cases, the financial benefits of funeral insurance are questionable. Source: Getty
Auckland-based Dying Art creates customised and wildly creative caskets. Source: Facebook/@DyingArt
It’s expected to take about 18 months to implement the new laws in Tasmania. Source: Getty
" Imagine if you could go and visit (say) a tree in a forest where your loved one was actually buried and watch it grow and know they were part of that regrowth," writes Brian. Source: Getty Images
Covid-19 is reshaping the way in which Australians view the funeral industry. Source: Getty.
Mary was there with her sister until the very end. Source: Getty Images
ADF veteran and Legacy volunteer Brian Hollis, centre, has supported Emily and James Wiltshire for the past 15 years – building a friendship that will last a lifetime.
A ‘kitchen table’ will can be perfectly valid but it takes particular care to ensure that’s the case.
Medical experts said Australians should consider updating their advance care plan as cases of coronavirus continue to rise. Source: Getty

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