About Rachael Rosel

Rachael is Starts at 60’s cadet journalist, which means she’s currently completing her Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts degrees at the University of Queensland while she works with us part-time.

Rachael is an administrative demon who makes sure you get the jokes and recipes you love every day on Starts at 60, and also manages the creation of the Starts at 60 Money Club stories and emails. In between, Rachael writes stories across the broad range that Starts at 60 covers, turning her hand to everything from fab fashion to helpful household tips.

Originally from Townsville, Rachael’s one of the few in the Starts at 60 team who finds Brisbane winters unbearably cold! That means she can usually be found rugged up at her desk with a hot tea!

Although new to the media game, Rachael’s loving every minute of working in the Starts at 60 newsroom and can’t wait to work there full-time! If you’d like to contact Rachael about the Money Club, email her at [email protected]