Health issues

By following these simpler strategies, you're playing an active role in ensuring strong and healthy bones for the future. Source: Getty Images.
In the pursuit of a fulfilling life in our later years, the importance of maintaining muscle mass to ensure mobility and independence cannot be overstated. Source: Getty Images.
If you're over 60, regular exercise is crucial in maintaining your health and independence. Source: Getty Images.
Weight-bearing exercises are a great way to keep your body strong as you get older. Source: Getty Images.
Mould can impact your health in a variety of different ways. Source: Getty Images.
Older age is a considerable risk factor with those aged over 65 accounting for 2 in 3 (71 per cent) of those who suffered from a stroke. Source: Getty Images.
Your bowel movements can tell you a lot about your health as you age. Source: Getty Images.
Many people get skin tags as they get older, but there are safe ways to remove them. Source: Getty
Almost one in two women suffer from vaginal dryness, but you don’t
have to live in discomfort with these simple solutions. Image source: Getty