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I am looking at downsizing into a retirement village. I am 70 and on a full Age pension. What am I able to do with the residual of money to keep my pension?
‘How much can I put into Super if I sell my house?’
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Understanding how people aged 67 to 75 can top up their self-managed super funds
“Can I gift a home to my kids and would it affect them in any financial way?”
Let’s look at some ways you can be retirement-ready ahead of time. Think of it as a practice run. Image source: Getty
Whether you want to lower energy costs or escape the summer heat, there are easy ways to keep your home cool. Source: Getty Images.
Finance expert, Nick Bruining, shares how older Australians can pocket thousands of dollars while keeping the pension and what other changes are coming. Image source: Getty

End of life planning

The complete state-by-state guide to probate: Who needs it and when

If you’re the executor of a loved one’s estate, your role will almost certainly involve distributing assets, as well as possibly paying debts or overseeing the sale of property or other belongings. But there are a number of steps required by law before you start dealing with the deceased’s finances.

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A difference of 1 per cent in fees could make a difference of 20 per cent in your final retirement payout. Image source: Getty
Do you have a question for our money expert?
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Downsizing is never easy, but Noel Whittaker breaks it down. Source: Getty
When if the last time you assessed your superannuation account's performance? Source: Getty
It’s important you correct the values of your assets such as, bank accounts, investments, cars, and home contents regularly. The majority of your assets depreciate over time, providing an opportunity to increase your pension. Source: Getty Images
Buying a brand new car might not be all that it's cracked up to be. Source: Getty
78% of over-60s surveyed said they had helped their kids get on the property ladder
KAMPALA, CENTRAL REGION, UGANDA - SEPTEMBRE 24: Avocados cardboard box ready for shipment on Septembre 24, 2018 in Kampala, Central Region, Uganda. (Photo by Camille Delbos/Art In All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images)
Many Australians are unsure of what to do, in the case of a dementia diagnosis. Source: Getty
The treasurer unveiled the budget on Tuesday night. Source: Getty
Numbers of Australian financial advisers have dropped from about 25,200 in 2017/18 to just 21,200 now. Source: Getty
The needs of ageing parents is a ticking time bomb topic that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Source: Getty