Everyday money

Having your house cooled by an air conditioner will give you some relief from the hot weather, but it's probably leaving you with a high electricity bill. Source: Getty
Life changes, so you should review the amount in your stash annually. Source: Getty Images.
Get your finances in order for the new year. Source: Getty Images.
Whether you want to lower energy costs or escape the summer heat, there are easy ways to keep your home cool. Source: Getty Images.
Since 1990, average life expectancy at birth has gone from 80 to 85 for Australian women and from 74 to 83 for Australian men. Source: Getty
A few key money tips can prevent a lot of unnecessary expense and grief. Source: Getty
While transitioning into a cashless society may present initial challenges it's a journey well worth taking. Source: Getty Images.
Elder abuse takes many forms, extending beyond what is commonly known. Source: Getty
Constantly providing your adult children with financial assistance may not always be the best approach. Source: Getty Images.