A difference of 1 per cent in fees could make a difference of 20 per cent in your final retirement payout. Image source: Getty
I can’t say our casual acceptance of the growing divide between rich and poor makes me proud to be Australian. Source: Getty
For the assets test, the house you live in is really the only thing that isn't taken into account. Source: Getty
Last year alone, more than 40,000 claims for Age Pension were rejected.  Source: Getty Images.
It’s important you correct the values of your assets such as, bank accounts, investments, cars, and home contents regularly. The majority of your assets depreciate over time, providing an opportunity to increase your pension. Source: Getty Images
Buying a brand new car might not be all that it's cracked up to be. Source: Getty
Of our 25 million population, only about 40 per cent actually pay income tax. So for every taxpayer, there’s about $100,000 in government debt. Source: Getty
Deciding whether or not to put money into a nest egg can be tricky. Source: Getty.
When you have to dig into your super for big expenses, is common to worry about the tax implications. Source: Getty.

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