This expert discusses the importance of choosing the right child for your end of life planning. Source: Getty
Source: Getty
Source: Getty
Passwords don't pass with your passing – they stay alive. If you have kept them in a secret place or, even more securely, in that impregnable cyber space called your head, it could create a problem for others if you lose your life or your mind. Source: Getty
The needs of ageing parents is a ticking time bomb topic that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Source: Getty
Even though the ship has now sailed, one reader wants to know if she should have contested her partner's will when he passed away. Source: Getty.
Handing your house over to your kids when you're still alive can come with more complications than just naming them in your will. Source: Getty.
How far will this reader go to keep a lock on her estate? Source: Getty.
There are some hurdles to jump over before a de facto can successfully contest a will. Source: Getty.

About Brian Herd

No matter how complicated the legal pickle, it won’t stump Brian Herd, who’s been a lawyer since 1983 and is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts on elder law, retirement, aged care and inheritance planning. He’s a Partner at HopgoodGanim Lawyers and is regularly named as one of the country’s best lawyers when it comes to retirement villages and senior living issues. Most, recently, he won Solicitor of the Year (Large Firm) at the Queensland Law Society Excellence in Law Awards 2022. Brian is a regular commentator in the media and in public forums on legal issues regarding older Aussies. He has featured on ABC’s Law Report, Life Matters and Background Briefing. He is also the author of Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap, released in March 2021 to critical acclaim. For his effort, he was awarded the 2021 Australasian Journal on Ageing (AJA) Book Award. When not working, Brian devotes his time to giving informative and entertaining presentations on ageing, aged care and retirement and planning for the future. Brian loves getting older or, as he says, more mature. Reach out to Brian with any legal enquiries he may be able to help you with, including life planning such as making Wills and handling estates, and matters relating to elder law, retirement, disability, and aged care.
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