Jean Kittson fronts Starts at 60’s new ad campaign and ecommerce+travel platform launch


Starts at 60, the Australian online home of the baby boomer, is launching a new national TVC and print campaign alongside the launch of their new integrated ecommerce-led website to drive awareness and growth of their platform among digitally-savvy over-60s.

The new platform and advertising campaign both launched late this week will see the company driving growth in ecommerce, travel and media for older generations.

The campaign features comedian Jean Kittson who recently joined Starts at 60 as Ambassador, and is packed with comedy designed to explicitly appeal to the wit of the baby boomer generation.

The new website is an integrated user experience centred around their new and scalable online shopping marketplace, travel marketplace and award-winning media brand, the combination referred to as “content+commerce”.

“The fabulous Jean Kittson scripted a lot of the campaign herself, working with the theme ‘a million Aussie Boomers ready to spend the kids’ inheritance’ on online shopping and travel. The humour is spot on! We are proud to serve over-60s and we want this generation to see their own vibrance and sarcasm in our advertising,” said Starts at 60 Founder and CEO Rebecca Wilson.

“At 25% of the population, over 60s are a powerful and exciting mass consumer audience, and frankly, in 2021 they’re just as interested in ‘new’ and ‘awesome’ products as everyone else. They’re using the internet as their primary decision-making tool and shopping online more than ever.  The key difference between this generation and others is they have discretionary money to spend and fewer brands speaking to them directly,” said Ms Wilson.  “We’re proud to create a platform where they can safely and enjoyably find products and travel that suit their needs and wants. It’s their turn.”

The push relaunches the Starts at 60 membership platform, and launches a new deeply scalable version of the Starts at 60 Marketplace, which started as a stand-alone project and enjoyed strong early success in 2020.  The multivendor marketplace which started in September is now home to more than 80 vendors and is growing rapidly.

“We are looking to increase membership of the Starts at 60 platform and are showcasing the great deals and curated online shopping at the new Starts at 60 Marketplace, the travel packages and national full-service agency at Travel at 60, and the amazing content to help navigate retirement at Starts at 60 News,” Ms Wilson said.

Ms Wilson continued, “The emerging digital-savvy Baby Boomer is an exciting consumer and we’re finding tremendous growth in travel, finance, health and leisure. Covid disruptions are only leading to greater digital opportunities.”

The TVC was co-produced by Seven Red Productions and the Starts at 60 marketing team, and the web and print creative design and advertising is by Niche Studio.

The campaign will roll out this week across broadcast, digital, and press, and will also run on Starts at 60 social channels.  The campaign launches with a series of three witty TV advertisements, with more to follow in 2021.

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