If you don't have a smart TV you can use a Google Chromecast to connect to services such as Netflix. Source: Getty
The government released a new app giving Aussies access to the latest Covid-19 information. Source: Getty
Using video call apps can help you to stay connected with colleagues, friends and relatives during self-isolation. Source: Getty.
You can stay in contact with your family and friends through Facebook Messenger and FaceTime. Source: Getty
You can get meal-kits delivered right to your door. Source: Getty
Getting access to your computer or smartphone can be very lucrative for a scammer, so protect it and know where it is at all times.
Netflix is packed full of old favourites and new shows.
More Aussies are choosing to ride with Uber than in a taxi, thanks to its ease and reliability.
If you're thinking about downsizing you may have rooms filled with items you can't take with you, so why not consider selling them online. Source: Getty.