About Jocelyn Nickels

There’s something winning about the combination of Starts at 60 and Queensland’s glorious weather, because Jocelyn is another journalist who traded in a colder climate for our Brisbane HQ!

Jocelyn obtained a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia and started her writing career at regional newspapers in the chilly Adelaide Hills and Mount Gambier. Life in the press suited her so well that she received the Country Press South Australia Young Journalist of the Year award for her work reporting domestic violence in the community for the award-winning The Border Watch newspaper.

In 2018 Jocelyn left the world of print, however, to take up digital journalism with Starts at 60, where she focuses most of her writing on current affairs. Jocelyn is now a pro at whipping up stories everything from breaking crime news to heated political debates, which an occasional bit of the royal family thrown in, and knows social media like the back of her hand.

There’s one thing Jocelyn swears Queensland can’t compete with her home state on, though, and that’s chocolate, with Australia’s oldest chocolatiers, Haigh’s Chocolates, getting her vote every time! Bertie Beetles, while not SA-born, run a close second.

If you’ve got a story you’d like to see covered by Starts at 60, contact Jos at [email protected].