Help! I’m a 60-year-old woman and my orgasms are not as intense as they used to be

Q: Help! I’m a 60yr old woman and I find my orgasms are not as intense as they used to be…is this age-related ie hormonal? Is there anything I can do that will help?

I absolutely feel you! Not experiencing the intensity of a full-blown orgasm can be so unsatisfying. Unfortunately, it does happen with age, and it is often hormone related. However, the good news is there are other ways to find that deep intensity and hopefully continue to have amazing orgasms. 

As we age, we often lose sensation in areas of our vulva and vagina that were once highly sensitive and erotic. For some women who have experienced great penetration vaginal orgasms for most of their life find, as they reach 60, they no longer feel the same intensity of sensation. 

The good news is there are lots of ways to heighten the sensation. Many women are introducing a clitoris vibrator into their sex life that both sucks and vibrates and are experiencing their first super-intensive clitoral orgasm. Other women are discovering their G-spot for the first time and loving a different type of orgasm. 

Unfortunately, as it is not something we are ever taught, most women do not know exactly where their G-spot is so have never experienced this type of orgasm. The great news for women beyond 60 is the G-spot is one area that increases with sensation the more we use it. So, the best advice is to stimulate it regularly, feel the increase in sensation and experience deeply intensive orgasms once again. 

Hint for finding that G-spot: Point your finger with the nail facing the ground, start to curl your finger inwards as though you were beckoning someone to you, then insert your finger into your vagina and use the same motion behind the pubis bone. That’s your G-spot!

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