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About Polly Hemphill-Duchen

With empathy and vulnerability, Polly brings a creative approach to her clients that allows them to explore their sexuality and uncover the blockers to developing deep intimate relationships, and discovering their core desires. As a Somatica® Institute trained Sexologist, Gottman Institute trained Couples Therapist, and Intimacy Coach, with more than 20 years’ experience, Polly works with couples and individuals struggling with creating intimacy within relationships, establishing boundaries and communicating desires and needs. She enjoys working with couples beyond 60 in both new and long-term relationships and supports them in building greater intimacy to feel confident in setting boundaries lovingly and asking for what they want and need. She helps clients recognise how past traumas have impacted previous relationships and learn strategies to move beyond them to connect in a loving and sensual way. Polly loves working with women beyond 60 to help them tap into their erotic energy, and with courage and compassion to embrace this stage of life and move from self-criticism to self-love, have more fulfilling relationships, and discover what now brings them pleasure and sexual satisfaction at this age. Polly holds a bachelor honours degree in psychology, a master’s degrees in communication and a master’s degree in business management.