John and his wife spent some time running the hotel, and he has many stories to share. Source: John Reid
John says he can still get into the community's shed to do work, but has warned visitors about social distancing requirements. Source: Getty Images
Old Vegemite advertising on display during the 90th anniversary celebrations in 2013. Source: Getty Images
John writes about the demise of Holden following General Motor's announcement on February 17. Source: Getty Images
John writes about how his family established themselves in Tasmania more than 180 years ago. Source: Getty Images
Eight-year-old Robert had been left in charge of the care of his 2.5-year-old half-brother Alick. Source: Getty Images
For a while, John ran a motel and there are a few stories that still tickle the funny bone. Source: Getty Images
It wasn't the retirement they had planned for, but John says there was no time for doom and gloom. Source: Getty Images
Following a recent incident with a man vaping on business premises, this writer was left scratching his head. Source: Getty Images

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Retired and widowed, I fill my time reading, writing, photographing, driving, volunteering and keeping busy in my community.