‘Slow down! I’m disturbed by people rushing around at Christmas’

Dec 07, 2019
Why are we all so busy? It's ruining Christmas! Source: Getty Images

As the years fly by, I have noticed that a lot of bad or unfortunate things seem to happen towards the end of each year. People in general seem to be more angry and impatient; they don’t seem to be able to wait 5 minutes for anything.

Recently I’ve witnessed a disturbing degree of anger displayed in shopping centres. The anger and aggression in the carpark and on the roads leading into and out of these centres especially is very troubling. Does the silly season get the better of everybody?

An aunt of mine, a lady that holds a special place in my heart, had a bad fall in a shopping centre not so long ago. It was an accident. She got flustered with all the people pushing their way around her. To me, it seems unfair that she should make it to the grand age of 85 only to have a fall. Such accidents can be life threatening for the elderly.

My aunt was completely independent before the fall and now she is totally reliant. I have concerns that this Christmas could be her last. To make matters worse, she is spending it in hospital.

When she leaves she will need to go into full-time care. A broken hip and fractured ribs at her age is very traumatic.

The heat has been incredible this year and I’ve no doubts it will escalate the closer we get to summer. Christmas is closing in, children will be finishing up at school, the elderly are out on their mobility scooters and, if you allow your emotions to get the better of you, shopping centres can be a nightmare!

Why are people in such a hurry? I’ve noticed people around me at full speed, no concern for those around them. Calm down! Take a breath. None of us are getting out of here alive anyway.

I feel as though Christmas has become far too commercialised and families are under an increasing amount of pressure at this time of year. I remember when a handmade gift was something to be treasured by the person receiving it. Now, it’s all about the latest gizmo or gadget, and those items can really put a hole in a person’s budget!

Parents have a hard time fulfilling the expense of Christmas and then it’s time for another school year. A free education is no longer free.

There are so many stressors on families these days. Parents are under pressure to earn a living while also trying to meet the emotional needs of their children and their partners. It’s a lot of stress, and for what I wonder? Part of me is relieved to be in the last quarter of my life!

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How do you feel about the lead up to Christmas and the pressure put on families?

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