Living with bereavement

Research found a coffin can comprise more than 30 per cent of the total cost of a funeral. Source: Getty
Lisa Curry, pictured with her late daughter Jaimi in happier times. Source: Instagram/Lisa Curry
Writing a eulogy can be an emotional and difficult task but with these tips it will be made a lot easier. Source: Getty
Families can still honour their loved ones despite all the restrictions. Source: Getty.
A ‘kitchen table’ will can be perfectly valid but it takes particular care to ensure that’s the case.
A bucket list isn’t just about ticking off bungee jumps and exotic destinations; it can include small things that mean a lot, such as watching the ocean one last time.
The days of identical funerals and memorials are over, with more personalised send-offs taking over.
With cemeteries becoming increasingly crowded, operators have had to look into how to remain sustainable. Source: Getty.
Pre-paid funeral arrangements are a great way to alleviate financial and emotional pressure from your loved ones, but what protections are in place if the business you're dealing with goes bust? Source: Getty
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