Becoming a Grandparent

Whether you are becoming a first time grandparent with all the excitement and joy, or have settled into the role of grandmother or grandfather and are trying to navigate the travails and the opportunities you have as a grandparent to impact the lives of your grandchildren, our grandparenting section of the Starts at 60 Retirement Guide is packed with information.

We’ve got real-life stories from grandparents struggling with a wide range of issues, things to do with your grandchildren when they come to visit, and important information for grandparent carers too.

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It's important to acknowledge not only the distinctive contributions you bring as a grandparent but also to grasp the essential strategies and insights needed to effectively fulfill this significant role Source: Getty Images.
By understanding their world, sharing laughs, giving them space, and evolving together, you can ensure your best moments with your grandchild are yet to come. Source: Getty Images.
As a grandparent, you hold a special place in the family structure. Source: Getty Images.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it's not easy living far away from family. Source: Getty
Grandparents reveal their secrets to keep the grandkids entertained. Source: Getty Images.
The grandmother said she "wouldn’t dream of treating their home the same way." Source: Getty Images.
A recent study has shed light on the declining use of these titles, confirming the shift away from these traditional designations for grandparents. Source: Getty Images.
Grandmother expresses concern over losing freedom to grandkids. Source: Getty Images.
Get creative and entertain the grandkids with a homemade Easter wreath. Source: Getty
Whether you're looking for simple activities or more involved projects, there are endless ways to enjoy this special time with your family. Source: Getty Images.
Becoming a grandparent is a life-changing experience that brings a unique set of emotions and challenges. Source: Getty Images.
People came forward with tips and suggestions to help her keep up with her beloved grandkids. Source: Getty Images.
Becoming a grandparent for the first time is an adventure filled with love, laughter, and learning. Source: Getty Images.
Grandparents dish the dirt on their competitive in-laws. Source: Getty Images.
A strong core is important for a number of reasons, including giving the grandkids a good time at the park. Source: Getty
Whether you have large groups or a few friends over, it's always fun at holiday parties to play a few Christmas games.
Christmas traditions may be changing. Source: Getty
Remember that by creating more conflict, you will most likely be hurting your own son or daughter. Source: Getty
Not all baby names are adored by grandparents, according to Gransnet. Source: Getty