Come along with this seasoned traveller as she reveals her ultimate airline experience wish list. Source: Getty Images.
Discover the often-overlooked toll that caregiving takes on caregivers themselves. Source: Getty Images.
Night sweats and hot flashes? I never had them, but from what my friends have told me, I’m blessed in this department. Source: Getty
I wish I could push a button and make this all go away. Source: Getty
Perhaps it's too much trouble for some people to extend themselves. Source: Getty
'Perhaps Robo callers assume that I’m a lonely senior, just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring'. Source: Getty
My knee isn't the worst part of travelling. I've noticed that my vision is changing. My depth perception isn't what it used to be. Source: Getty
I know that standing straight is good for me, especially since I have osteoporosis.Source: Getty
Source: Getty

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