Royal jackpot! Jack Russell Terriers crowned as reigning royal pups post coronation

The Jack Russell Terrier breed is experiencing a surge in popularity as they become the new royal canines in Buckingham Palace. Source: Instagram @Clarencehouse

Paws aside, Corgis, there’s a new pup making a regal ruffvolution in Buckingham Palace’s kennels– the Jack Russell Terrier.

After the late Queen Elizabeth’s two corgis were rehomed to live with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s two rescue dogs, Bluebell and Beth, have become the Palace’s newest furry residents.


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And according to Bill Lamber, spokesperson for The Kennel Club– the governing body for all matters canine in Britain– these fun-sized breeds have already started gaining popularity among members of the public.

“Breeds certainly wax and wane in popularity – and there are a number of factors that can play a part, such as popular culture and high-profile ownership,” Lamber told The DailyMail, adding that the number of puppy registrations for Jack Russell Terriers has increased by 14 per cent since Charles ascended to the throne.

“Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with a big personality, known for their lively and happy character,” Lamber said.

“They are popular family pet and will make a cheerful companion for anyone who can give them enough exercise and attention.”


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Dogs have always been a big part of the royal family. The late Queen has been a renowned corgi lover since she was young, and in her time has owned a total of 30 (not including her last two additions, which were gifted to her by her son, Prince Andrew) — all of which descended from the first corgi, Susan, which was her 18th birthday present from her parents.

According to Caroline L. Perry, author of The Corgi and the Queen, Susan was later buried on the Royal’s Sandringham estate, with a gravestone that reads “For almost 15 years, the faithful companion of the Queen”, an inscription personally chosen by Her Majesty.

“Susan was there for many of the most important moments in Elizabeth’s life. She was by her royal companion’s side when Elizabeth joined a women’s regiment when the Princess served her country during the war,” she told People magazine.

“She was there when her companion married Prince Philip, who became the second love of Elizabeth’s life! Susan also provided comfort when Elizabeth’s beloved ‘Papa’ King George VI died; when she was crowned Queen at the age of only 25, and when she became a mother.”

Even in death, the late Queen’s beloved pooches stayed by her side, with Palace sources telling the Daily Mail the royal corgis were “in the room” with the late Monarch when she died in Balmoral Castle.

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