Beloved royal corgis reportedly stayed with the Queen as she lay on her deathbed

Sep 27, 2022
The Queen's beloved pets were with her right until the end. Source: Getty

Members of the public mourning the late Queen Elizabeth II have been met with another moment that tugged at the heartstrings after it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II’s treasured royal pooches, Muick and Sandy, were by her side during her final hours before she passed.

Palace sources have told the Daily Mail that the beloved corgis were “in the room” with the late Monarch when she died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Following their beloved owner’s passing, the two furry royal members made a moving appearance outside Windsor Castle to meet their adored owner one last time, as she made her final journey home.

Muick and Sandy, watched the coffin pass by, looking sorrowful, as they sat along the steps of the castle while the black horse, Emma who wore the Queen’s scarf on her saddle, pawed at the ground as the procession passed in what many believe was a curtsy to the Queen.

The adorable dog breed served as the Queen’s constant companions from a young age, having owned at least 30 of them in her lifetime.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Animal behaviour expert, Dr Roger Mugford, who was once hired by the Queen to help manage her corgi pack, says the animals were “psychologically so important” for the Queen’s happiness.

Because Queen Elizabeth II was constantly seen with her four-legged canine friends, Princess Diana even called them her “moving carpet”.


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Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady also shared that the royal corgis “sleep in little wicker baskets in the corgi room and [are] looked after by two footmen called Doggie 1 and Doggie 2.”

Per Vanity Fair, the Queen had no intention of having more dogs after the death of her beloved Monty in 2012, explaining that “she didn’t want to leave any young dog behind. She wanted to put an end to it” but when her pup Whisper died in 2018, Her Majesty was gifted two more corgis- Fergus and Muick- by her son Prince Andrew.

Following the death of her husband, Prince Philip, and Fergus in 2021, her granddaughter Princess Beatrice gifted the Queen yet another corgi puppy, Sandy.

According to the Mirror, Her Majesty had only accepted her final two corgis, if Andrew and Beatrice agreed to take care of them after she died.

Since her passing, Andrew had kept his promise has adopted both Muik and Sandy.

Although news of Andrew’s new role as the corgis caretaker sparked considerable online backlash, Dr Mugford believes the dogs are in good hands, saying they would be happy living in the familiar surroundings of the Prince’s home in Windsor.

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