‘I’d love to go back’: Johnny Ruffo signals a return to Summer Bay

Dec 05, 2022
Source: Instagram/@johnny_ruffo

Former Home and Away star, Johnny Ruffo, has revealed he would love to return to Summer Bay as fan-favourite Chris Harrington on the popular soap series.

Ruffo appeared on the popular series for three years from 2013 to 2016 and recently revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle he would “love to go back on Home and Away [and] spend some more time with Irene”.

“We had a great relationship on [the show] and we still have a great relationship out of Home and Away, Lynne and I,” he told the publication.


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Ruffo even had some ideas as to how his character would make his return.

“Just waltz in, like not tell anyone, just waltz on in and order a coffee. And Lynne, I mean Irene, would be like…Chris!” he said.

Since departing the popular Aussie series, Ruffo was diagnosed with brain cancer and has been battling the disease ever since.

Ruffo was first diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2017 when what he believed to be a migraine turned out to be a very serious brain tumour.

Speaking with Who Magazine’s podcast Who Are You back in 2018, Ruffo recalled the terrifying ordeal, revealing that his girlfriend saved his life by rushing him to the hospital after he complained of a painful migraine.

Doctors initially told Sims to go home, believing Ruffo was simply experiencing a migraine.

But she woke to devastating news the next morning, as doctors revealed he had slipped into a coma due to a fist-sized tumour in his brain, which may have been growing for up to 10 years.

“The doctor said, ‘If you didn’t come in [to the hospital], you would have gone to sleep and you would have been dead’,” Ruffo said at the time.

“Basically [the tumour was] the size of my fist in my frontal lobe, so all that pressure was being put on my brain, which explains the severe headaches and blackouts.”

After successfully removing the tumour in 2017, Ruffo devastated fans when he penned a heartbreaking post announcing his brain cancer had returned in 2020.

Since then, Ruffo has regularly updated fans via social media, giving them insights on his second bout with brain cancer.

Despite his diagnosis, Ruffo has showed no signs of slowing down. He recently released his memoir, No Finish Line which provided fans with an intimate look at the star’s private life and his rise to fame.

Ruffo has also spoke about his desire to become a father one day, recently revealing that he has already frozen his sperm in the hopes of having children in the future and delighted fans when he announced that he and long-time girlfriend Tahnee Sims may soon be tying the knot.

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