Blonde bombshell Christie Brinkley embraces going grey

Mar 12, 2023
Christie Brinkley embodies timeless beauty as she shows off her grey roots. Source: Getty | Instagram/ @christiebrinkley

Model Christie Brinkley can now add her name to the ever-growing list of women who are showing off their naturally ageing beauty.

Taking to social media, the 69-year-old model shared a cozy photo of herself at the beach with her greying roots peeping through her blonde hair.


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“Grey sky! Gray hair! The second you see gray hair it raises the question, just like when you cut bangs keep or not to keep?” Brinkley captioned the photo.

“Thank goodness both are just a personal preference or a fun change of pace,” she added.

“My son thinks it looks cool, but I think I may want to wait till it’s more like the silver whitecaps than the grey wave itself!”

Brinkley’s post was met with a flood of comments from her followers who seemed to share mixed feelings about the mother of three’s decision to go grey.

“It may be ‘cool’ but not as flattering. Just my honest opinion,” one user wrote

“Your son is being polite and loving…. Grey hair makes us look OLD! Blond till the end !!!” added another.

However, many more of Brinkly’s followers left messages encouraging the mature model to embrace her grey locks.

“I mean if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. She’s a beautiful woman even if she chooses to grow her hair out – beauty standards are really awful and unsustainable – aging is a gift. She is gorgeous.”

“Go natural to encourage more women to embrace the beauty of aging gracefully. Nothing wrong with silver/gray/white hair. It’s all about how you own the beauty of it”

“Let your Silver come thru. I just started this journey. I’ve started following so many Silver Sisters on Instagram and it’s so supportive and wonderful. It’s actually turned into so much more for me!”

Brinkley isn’t the only mature model embracing the ageing process, 57-year-old supermodel Paulina Porizkova is known for being open and honest when it comes to ageing, often posing semi-nude on her social media with empowering captions about embracing her body.

There’s also 73-year-old model Colleen Heidemann who produces content on social media about age-positivity and celebrating being fit and fabulous as a mature model.

Much of Heidemann’s content is her responses to internet trolls who have said some of her outfits and swimwear were “not age appropriate”.

Other famous faces embracing their maturing looks include Sharon Stone, Jaimee-Lee Curtis, Andie MacDowell, and Jane Fonda.

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