‘Biggest inspiration’: Bindi and Robert Irwin’s heartfelt tributes on parents’ anniversary

Bindi and Robert Irwin celebrate their parents' 31st engagement anniversary. Source: Getty

In a heartwarming celebration of love and gratitude, Bindi and Robert Irwin, the beloved children of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, recently commemorated their parents’ 31st engagement anniversary.

The Irwin siblings, who have followed in their famous father’s footsteps as passionate wildlife conservationists, took to social media on Sunday, June 4, to honour their parents’ unwavering commitment to one another and their shared mission of preserving and protecting animals.


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Bindi, 24, took to Instagram to share an adorable throwback photo of her parents at the beach wearing their signature khakis.

“A love like this is eternal. Happy Anniversary to my extraordinary parents,” she captioned the shot.

Similarly, Robert, 19, shared a sweet photo of the couple at Australia Zoo with the caption “Happy wedding anniversary Mum and Dad. Forever my biggest inspirations.”

Fans of the Irwin family were moved by the children’s tributes, as many took to the comment section to share their love for the famous couple.

“Your parents were the definition of soulmates, people truly put on this planet for each other. I see the same sort of connection between you and your husband, it’s truly heartwarming,” one user commented on Bindi’s post.

“Seeing your story & of your parents brings comfort to me. I also lost my dad at a young age. It is beautiful to see how just one man can have such an incredible legacy. I admire you & your family in your conservation of wildlife!” added another.

On Robert’s post, one fan wrote: “They both succeeded in making their dreams realised. Great people to have as inspirational.”

Meanwhile, Terri also shared her own post on Twitter to celebrate the “soulmate” connection she shared with her late husband.

Last month, the Irwin family honoured Steve at the yearly Steve Irwin Gala Dinner. At the event, Bindi lovingly and proudly paid homage to her beloved father by wearing a necklace featuring a photo of her father set within an oval-shaped charm.

In the past Bindi has shared heartfelt social media posts paying tribute to her late father, picked a wedding dress that mirrored her mother’s gown when her parents married, and even named her daughter in honour of Steve.

While Robert often credits his dad’s life for influencing his own journey, often saying the legacy Steve left behind is not simply a memory but a guiding force that helps shape his worldview and approach to his work.

“I think what dad really showed the world was, of course, to have that appreciation for the natural world and to treat every living being on this planet as you would wish to be treated,” Robert said.

“I think that’s something that I’ll always carry with me.”

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