Male plastic surgery booming as ‘Daddy-Do-Over’ trend reaches new heights

Women aren't the only ones turning to plastic surgery to reverse the signs of ageing, with a new report showing there's been an increase in men going under the knife to look more youthful. Source: Getty

While many women around the world use Botox and various cosmetic procedures to reverse the signs of ageing and boost their self-confidence, it turns out an increasing number of men are also turning to plastic surgery to turn back the clock.

Hailed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as ‘the Daddy-Do-Over’, a new report shows there’s been a 29 per cent increase in male cosmetic procedures since the year 2000. In America alone, 1.3 million procedures on men were performed in the last year.

The treatments consist of surgical and non-surgical body contouring and facial procedures that are usually performed in one surgery. The report claims that the trend has become so huge that these surgeries have become a popular gift for special occasions such as Father’s Day.

“Obviously, men don’t go through the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, but their lifestyle does change, which can impact their appearance,” Alan Matarasso, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said in a statement.

Diet, exercise and sleep patterns change as men get older, with most first noticing changes to their face and body in their 30s and 40s. Surgery can help people achieve their appearance goals quicker.

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The report shows rhinoplasty was the most popular surgery performed on men in 2018. Rhinoplasty is surgery that repairs or reshapes the nose. While it can often be performed to fix breathing problems, the surgery can also boost the aesthetic of the nose.

Blepharoplasty, which is a type of surgery that changes the appearance of the eyelids, ranked second. It can give the area around the eyes a more youthful look but medically, it can also improve vision by removing skin that blocks sight.

Cases of liposuction increased by 5 per cent from the previous year, while male breast reduction surgeries ranked fourth and increased by a whopping 22 per cent from the year 2000.

More men were also beating baldness, with hair transplantation surgeries increasing by 17 per cent in just one year and ranking fifth overall. Men also dabbled in less-invasive procedures including Botox, chemical peels, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and fillers.

Matarasso said men are undergoing cosmetic surgery to help them professionally and to feel more condiment. The report found that close to half a million Botox procedures were performed on American men last year and that as many as 100,000 admitted to getting filler injections to reverse the signs of ageing.

Despite the stereotype, it was also found that male patients actually embrace nonsurgical and minimally-invasive procedures just as much as women.

One 57-year-old client, Scott, explained that he explored the idea of plastic surgery after he couldn’t lose stubborn fat around his mid-section.

“I realised I was never going to lose the weight on my own. Plastic surgery is a personal decision, but I know guys my age who have done different cosmetic procedures,” he said. “I think an open dialogue about plastic surgery is becoming more acceptable, especially for men.”

Meanwhile, 59-year-old creative director Dennis underwent chin surgery, buccal fat removal surgery (removing fat from the cheeks) and an eye lift to help him look younger.

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“I’ve been in fashion my entire career, and it makes me feel good when I walk in the room and I don’t feel as if I look 60 in a room of 25- to-30-year-olds,” he said. “I always carried weight in my neck and chin, and my droopy eyelids made me look more tired than I actually was. I’ve gained unexpected confidence from the small changes I took.”

While it can be cheaper to undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures overseas, it may also come with risks and it’s best to be fully aware of the qualifications of staff, standards of facilities and provisions for adequate aftercare before undergoing any procedures.

Do you know a man who’s undergone cosmetic surgery? What impact did it have on their life?

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