Marketing something to the 60-something?

Nice work! We love the 60-plus consumer and we’re stoked that you recognise their value too. After all, they’re only the richest group of people in Australia and the country’s fastest-growing demographic!


About Starts at 60 News and Media

Starts at 60 news and media site publishes age-relevant (and spunky!) content for Baby Boomers seven days a week at and across our super-engaged social channels. Starts at 60 News & Media also produces our Starts at 60 Daily eDMs and Starts at 60 Masterclasses – through all of which you can reach over-60s in a trusted, authentic environment.

Starts at 60 News & Media is a powerful premium advertising, programmatic advertising, email and content marketing channel that’s well-respected by brands because it offers stronger performance than most media sites in Australia, with top-notch click-through rates on both content and ads and content dwell times not seen in mainstream media.

We work with brands that want to reach and activate the digital-savvy Boomer through advertising and content marketing campaigns and longer-term partnerships that include a range of awareness, consideration and conversion drivers.

If you want to reach and attract 60-pluses, this is the place to do it.

Today's over-60 will surprise you

Today’s over-60 is digitally savvy, sassy and young at heart, and their attitudes and affluence may surprise you. 

  • 50% of private wealth in Australia is controlled by over-60s
  • 46% of Australia’s disposable income is in their hands
  • 94% research online before a significant purchase
  • 78% are comfortable with switching brands 
  • 64% of all new vehicle purchases are made by 60-pluses
  • 55% of all leisure travel spending is done by Baby Boomers
  • 50% of alcohol is purchased by 60-pluses (what, you thought they didn’t party anymore?)
  • 94% dislike the way brands speak to them in their marketing

Size matters

If you want to reach this powerful demographic, Starts at 60 is the painfully obvious choice. We could tell you about how we’re award-winning and dedicated to the 60-plus, but we know that size matters in this industry – so here’s our measurements:

  •  3,200,000 page views per month
  • 1,000,000 users per month 
  • 800,000+ Facebook followers and the most engaged Facebook page in the sector
  • 220,000+ ACTIVE and very engaged email subscribers


We're an award winning media brand

Starts at 60 News & Media has been awarded plenty of awards, including the most prestigious, the Mumbrella Media Brand of the Year Award in 2017 up against brands like Cricket Australia, and youth media Buzzfeed, Pedestrian and Junkee.  We were also finalists in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Need more reasons to work with us?

Here’s a few we know you can’t ignore:

  • Everything we do is tailored to the digitally-savvy 60-plus, so any budget spent with us is zero wastage if you’re targeting older Aussies.
  • Our average click-through rate on ads is nearly four times higher than the IAB benchmark – plus our users generally don’t use ad-blockers.
  • Our audience spends roughly 4.5 minutes reading a single article – that’s a lot of time to get your message across!
  • We’re accountable: we know we’re only successful when you’ve achieved your goals, so we take getting results very seriously.


We've worked with many of Australia's most respected brands

Tourism NTHousehold CapitalBaptcareStocklandJourney BeyondBestie KitchenBreastscreen AustraliaSpecsaversUberIngeniaQ SuperANZTrilogy Funds ManagementGSKNestle Health ScienceWestpac GroupTourism WhitsundaysAveo

What do our customers say about us?

“From the CEO to the editorial, strategy and customer success team, there is a great sense of ownership and care. It’s refreshing to see an organisation where all levels of the business are present and committed to the client’s success.”

Mario Garrido, Chief Marketing Officer

Household Capital

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