A quick self-exam in the privacy of your shower is no substitute for a breast screen. However, it can be useful for getting a good idea of what is a normal look and feel for your breasts.
Due for your next breast screen or never had one? Make a day of it by teaming up with a friend to combine breast screening with lunch or coffee.
If you detect changes in the skin of your breasts or other changes such as a lump or nipple discharge, it’s important that you don’t wait until your next breast screen but go to your doctor without delay.
Claims that tight-fitting or underwire bras increase the risk of developing breast cancer have been circulating since 1995, despite best evidence debunking this.
Women juggle so many caring roles that finding time to take care of themselves can be hard, but there are some health checks that are important to make a priority even if you feel in good health.
Nine out of 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease, so breast cancer ‘not being in the family’ isn’t a good excuse for skipping a breast screen.
The most effective way to detect breast cancer early is to attend screening every two years right up until you’re 74. Source: Getty
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