Having a virtual wallet means you’re never caught without the means to pay as long as you have your smartphone with you – and you have money in your account.
Getting access to your computer or smartphone can be very lucrative for a scammer, so protect it and know where it is at all times.
Although thefts may now be conducted as commonly online as in the street, the nature of the crime is no less serious – so don’t feel like you can’t get justice for yourself.
Treating your laptop, mobile and tablet as if it’s your personal bank vault is a good way of protecting yourself from the various tactics scammers use on you.
Scammers make sure they have a grip on your heart and mind – before they make a move on your wallet.
About seven million older Australians will vote at the May 18 federal election, and they have firm ideas about the issues of importance to them.
A later-life divorce or separation can have a serious impact on your nest egg for retirement, but you still have options available to you.
Digitising photographs so you can view them on a tablet is one way to reduce clutter, while choosing a trusted child or grandchild to care for them is another.
There’s few things Aussies love more than their own little bit of Australia but giving it up could mean a more comfortable retirement.