Words are a beautiful thing. Source: Getty
When I was a young teenager, a close friend once said to me “You don’t worry about anything!” I didn’t need to then but, I soon learned! Source: Getty
All that hot water going to waste! Sue needed assistance and quickly. Source: Getty Images
Sue remembers having Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Source: Getty Images
Caring for a cat, bird or other pet can help ease loneliness, relieve depression and anxiety, lower stress and improve your health. Source: Getty Images
Ever been on hold with a government agency for so long you finished the first season of 'Grace and Frankie' on Netflix? Source: Getty Images
The AIFS says if international indications provide any guidance, it is likely that between 2-14 per cent of older Australians experience elder abuse in any given year, with the prevalence of neglect possibly higher. Source: Getty Images
Sue says she doesn't want to end up in a nursing home, but worries about how draining caring for her might be for her loved ones. Source: Getty Images
Sue was the victim of a technical support scam. Source: Getty Images

About Sue Leighton

Sue Leighton is a 60-something who says that “while the body is a bit shoddy, the mind is still sharp”. In a past life, Sue worked in senior administration/customer service roles, which she loved. Sadly, ill-health brought her working career to an end. Sue’s had to make many changes to her lifestyle. In writing blogs for Starts at 60, she’s been able to expand on one of her passions and express her love of the English language. Sue prefers to leave controversial topics like religion and politics to others and instead focus her writing on the ‘risque’ and humorous aspects of life. She writes about topical issues, issues she feels strongly about and the things that ‘piss her off’. She’s grateful for the friends she has made since joining Starts at 60.