The forces of climate change and the anger of Mother Nature created the perfect storm. Source: Getty
As the age old saying goes, what comes around goes around. Source: Getty
LISMORE - 2022 Source: Supplied
A person's name can always be an interesting point of discussion, especially in today's society where anything goes in terms of spelling and pronunciation. Source: Getty Images
Robyn craved tomato sauce-flavoured potato chips. Source: Getty Images
Chronic illness meant Robyn needed to lean on her daughter for care and support, but the transition was not easy. Source: Stock Image/Getty Images
This community member spending years navigating health issues and the home care package program. Source: Getty Images
World No. 2 female tennis player, Naomi Osaka recently pulled out of the French Open citing mental health issues. Robyn was reminded of her own battles. Source: Getty Images
Robyn writes about her 'staycation' with the grandkids. Source: Getty Images

About Robyn McCoy

The nut-shell Robyn: A 60-something, retired copywriter, travel agent, office manager, customer service operator, retail dog’s body and a ‘Jill’ who always gives her current ‘all trades’ attempt her best shot. She has two wonderful adult children and three of Australia’s most enchantingly beautiful Einstein-esque grandbabies. Robyn is trying desperately to finish a sociology degree, pre-mortem, volunteers in community radio and loves a geological dig. Writing saves her sanity as craft activities usually end in tantrums and foot stamping; and that’s just her teachers. Maturity does not always mean these Nana activities end well for Robyn and she’d rather walk away with dignity intact.  
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