Karma is a bitch

Mar 17, 2022
As the age old saying goes, what comes around goes around. Source: Getty

“You know dear, Karma’s only a bitch if you are.”

And happy schadenfreude to you too! Schadenfreude, a German word, was adopted by English speakers to refer to those who take pleasure from the misery of others.

In my opinion, Karma is a first cousin of Schadenfreude and I strongly believe the modern interpretation of Karma to be a sanctimonious piece of horse manure. So, right here right now, I’m calling out karma for the nasty pile of ill-wishers its current proponents represent.

Karma has become a pleasant-sounding evil curse made acceptable by pleasant-sounding people. Karma, as part of Hindu philosophy, encourages good deeds. The word has been taken hostage by modern-day smarties (who don’t know their bottoms from their elbows) who have misinterpreted it, strangled it, pulled it to pieces, stretched and pummelled it, and completely altered its meaning, so as to fit their faux-hippie, self-serving agendas.

To smugly describe a person’s sometimes wretched predicament as Karma is to diminish the circumstances or situation to a point of victim-blaming,

Apparently, the Karma Krowd enjoy watching folk in dire straits because, well, somehow, they have done something/s wrong in their lives and they deserve punishment. Does that mean that ALL the poor buggars who have been caught up in the floods, bushfires, war are evil people who have performed the devil’s work? It would appear the Karma Krowd believe this to be true BUT, when they themselves suffer the barbs and stings of life’s juju, it’s what? just bad luck?

I note this clown-like logic magically separates bad luck from karma with unexplained groupings that they alone can grasp. However, I think I’ve cracked the code. Karma only happens to folk the karma-believer dislikes and “bad luck” happens to folk they approve of.

Whew, I’m glad we got that sorted because I hear tell of the newest addition to the Karma Krowd called the Karma Boomerang. When a smirking, small-minded, karma-delusional halfwit declares “Well, that’s karma”, be afraid, be very afraid. Some really pissed-off people are in charge of the Karma Boomerang, which gives new meaning to the phrase “What goes around, comes around.”

In conclusion, I DO agree with the pro-Karma Krowd,  KARMA IS A BITCH, just not in the condescending, arrogant way it’s delivered by some, with a hint of schadenfreude.

So, y’all can take those Karma Kisses and lay them on my sweet patootie; the anti-karma-army got my back.

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