Lynne’s partner needs the TV volume turned right up, but she doesn’t. Image source: Getty
'Faded' days. Source: Getty
Western Australia is open for business! Source: Getty
The view from the rear of Lynne's downsized property is one of the advantages to come from the move. Source: Lynne Jones
Lynne is one of many Australians dealing with the heartbreak of dementia. Source: Getty
Lynne writes about the ANZAC Day dawn service in her hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Source: Getty Images
Lynne has had enough of the younger generation blaming Baby Boomers for its problems. Source: Getty Images
A group of over-60s practising tai chi in the park. (Photograph posed by models.) Source: Getty Images
Lynne is one of the loyal fans keen to see Polly Waffles back on the shelf. Source: YouTube

About Lynne M Jones

Lynne Jones, a West Australian, is a Mother and Grandmother.  She has a background in Administration, Adult Education and Special Education support.  Always an avid reader, her foray into writing is a long held personal promise, only seeing fruition in retirement.  Lynne enjoys freedom of thought and expression and the craft of writing is her expressive and creative tool.  Lynne has written a personal un-published memoir and enters local and national short-story competitions.  In 2017 Lynne was awarded first place in the Peter Cowan 600-word short-story competition (novice writer).  She has just completed writing a short-story based around her Mother’s life.
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