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May 11, 2022
Lynne’s partner needs the TV volume turned right up, but she doesn’t. Image source: Getty

“Turn it down, it’s too loud!”

“No! It isn’t, I can’t hear it.”

“It is, even the neighbours can hear it! You need to get your ears checked.”

“There is nothing wrong with my hearing.”

“I think there might be. Turn it down please.”

Sound familiar? My hearing is okay, I do strain to hear when there are too many conversations around me, but not while watching TV. This is not so for my partner who needs the volume up loud. It is difficult because, in his opinion, he does not have a hearing problem! I used to think it was selective hearing but not so, he does not hear the TV properly.

We live in a small open plan home. The kitchen, dining and lounge room are all in one. We do not have a theatre room or surround sound on our TV. So, when one of us is moving about or doing something within the shared area, my partner annoyingly turns the TV up, often leaving it there. This can lead to conversations as above, usually fixed by turning the sound down, provided I can find the covertly hidden remote. This works for a bit, but next I contend with, “What did she say?” “Did you hear that?” Like a merry-go-round our discussions go around and around.

We needed a solution and I found it with the ‘Audeara A-02 TV Headphones and TV Bundle’. Obviously, we were a bit sceptical at first; modern technology, new connections and headphones that may not work. We have many different headphones in our house, none of which Bluetooth successfully with our TV, or offer a personalised listening experience based on our own hearing profile. What impresses me most with the Audeara TV bundle is, two people can watch the same movie on TV, with their own headphone tuned to their specific hearing needs, and it doesn’t affect the other person’s TV listening experience.

Our Audeara TV bundle was delivered direct to our door. The classy package contained a quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones, a small TV streamer, two sets of easy-to-read instructions and connection cords to suit most TVs. The whole bundle oozed quality and confidence. I especially love the big L and R on the headphones, easy to see, easy to fit and comfortable to wear.

As I am the tech-savvy person in our household, I had the role to set-up and personalise the headphones to our TV. Initially I was worried the TV and I were not smart enough for this modern technology, but BINGO, we survived!

Being familiar with Bluetooth connections and using the simple illustrated diagrams, pairing and charging was easy. The headphones and TV streamer are pre-programmed for instant access and just connect to the back of the TV.

Hint, grab a torch, and dust-cloth, it is dark and dusty back there. Dust removed; it is easy to spot where to plug the digital cord connection. This part is easier if you listen to your calm partner who can read instructions well and will support your human error(s). Plus, if you need in-depth answers, extra detail is available online.

We confidently and easily paired the streamer to our TV. Did I mention our TV is old and not as smart as it should be, a bit like me? Well, it is, and it has an occasional hiccup, causing the pairing to disengage. This has been resolved via online support and real-time telephone conversations with the Audeara team. They have identified a defect within our aged TV. Not only is our TV an imposter, but it also has some age-related deficits. And I can relate!

What makes the Audeara headphones so unique is their ability to offer you a tailored listening experience. It does this with its in-built hearing check that has been endorsed by audiologists. We set up a profile for myself and for my partner via the easy-to-use companion app, and in doing so we both discovered individual hearing deficiencies. It isn’t a surprise; we are in our 70’s and so many of our friends wear hearing aids. Fortunately, we are not there yet!

TV viewing is now comfortable and relaxed. My partner has pure, surround-sound in his ears, and my hearing is saved from the usual loud assault to the eardrums. Connections are cordless, no trip hazard and no same old worn-out discussions. Occasionally I need to throw a cushion, because he can’t hear me, as he is totally absorbed in TV land.

Eventually we will need another headset as I do pinch my partner’s. We both love the comfort and quality and I see an up-and-coming issue with only one pair of headphones.

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