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This blogger gives her tips on dealing with lack of sleep. Source: Getty
This blogger shares her experience on losing weight in two weeks. Source: Getty
This seasoned blogger takes a look at dentistry over the years, and how the only fear she has of going to the dentist, is the cost. Source: Getty
Mulled wine and Christmas in July. Source: Getty
His ‘sore throat’, which the GP earlier that week had suggested a follow-up appointment with an ENT specialist, turned out to be an unusual warning sign for a massive heart attack. Source: Getty
Losing your perfect eyesight has some benefits, like a built-in "beauty" filter. Source: Getty

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Louise is an experienced editor, journalist and digital marketer. Having lived and worked in Scotland, England and Hong Kong, 20 years ago she finally landed in Australia and now happily calls Oz her ‘forever home’. Mother of three — a Labrador, Groodle and grumpy rag doll cat. She is also mum to three grown up children. A keen foodie after working for a decade in magazines that launched some popular cookery shows, she now has to work hard to maintain that enjoyment of indulgence by showing up frequently at the gym or pool. Not always with great success as her ever-changing wardrobe will attest to. She really enjoys healthy living, but believes that flab is not fatal. Louise also loves a good book, and currently is writing and illustrating a children’s series. She enjoys going to the ballet, getting out and about taking photos, and volunteering in the outback.