The process of decluttering is supposed to make us feel satisfied and pleased with our efforts, but Adrienne has found it's having the opposite effect. Source: Getty Images
One of the things Adrienne has struggled to part with is the many books in her collection. Source: Stock Photo/Getty Images
Adrienne and her daughter travelled for more than 30 hours to reach their destination - the bustling Casablanca. Source: Getty Images
Adrienne was pushed into retirement long before she was ready, but it hasn't been all bad. Source: Stock Photo/Getty Images
Snæfellsnes Peninsula Fishing Village and mountains with snow at western Iceland. Source: Getty Images
Þingvallavatn is a rift valley lake in southwestern Iceland. Source: Getty Images
Reynisfjara beach with it's black volcanic sands, smooth pebbles, unique rock formations and overall moody atmosphere is located on the south coast of Iceland. Source: Getty Images
Reykjavik cityscape in Iceland. Source: Getty
Adrienne recalls the lessons learned from relationships past. Source: Getty

About Adrienne Beaumont

Having been married twice and reared six children to adulthood, Adrienne says she now has ‘time for me’. After careers as a primary teacher and an education sales consultant, in retirement, she finds she enjoy travel more than anything else. Adrienne likes to focus her energy on collecting experiences as opposed to things and would rather spend her money on an adventurous holiday to a foreign land than on a fancy new car. She enjoys writing about her travels almost as much as her friends and family like reading about her adventures. Adrienne’s favourite destination is Europe … All of it!