When technology was a radio

Mar 28, 2022
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Such incredible advances in technology. Bad or good? Honestly having trouble deciding on that one. 

My husband told me that in the late ’30s and ’40s his dad built a crystal radio, his brother and father clustered around it ear pressed close to listen to the cricket broadcasting from England. A minor miracle then. 

Then the height of entertainment, radio in every household. I myself raced home to listen to the argonauts. Such innocent fun. 

Nan and grandpa lived in Richmond Melbourne, tiny little houses all packed together down the length of the street. When the news was on we could hear the lot as we walked from house to house,  where radios were blaring. 

When a girl marries,  Bellbird and so many serials housewives of the time were glued to the radio to hear the latest episode. 

Not so many years later as a young mum, it was days of our lives, as the world turns and many more. 

Sunday night was so special to me, 3 AW had a Sunday night play, mum and dad hopped into bed to listen and an only child I tucked in at the end and had fun playing footsies with mum who was very very ticklish.  Beautiful memory. 

The love of my life then and now, television, a big furniture shop had one inside and set up chairs to come and see it. Tiny little screen showing I Love Lucy. I was addicted.

My mum finally got one and was a devotee of dr Kildare and usually had every Illness shown. 

My dad was very funny and somewhat naughty, he came in as the ballet was on he stopped to look and said, I think they forgot their trousers. 

Prisoner debuted and two of my four children were considered far to watch it, took a while to realise that they were sneaking down the passage to have a sneak look. 

All quite harmless and simple pleasures. Unlike now where I turn on the box and open-minded old bird that I am not sure which way is up. The reason why I will leave it to you. 

Phones at dinner tables, little kid’s heads bent over Ipads while the world goes on around them, bad or good?  Both I think, children use their brains more learning far more than I did but using imagination less. 

Time will tell and I hope I hang around long enough to see the next “miracle.”

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